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Welcome to Chance to Grow

Chance to Grow e.V. is a registered association based in Frankfurt am Main. The association has existed since 2010 and has been able to give vital help and hope to children in Vietnam and Germany since its founding thanks to our donors and supporters.

We help children in disasters and situations in need with food, safety and education. So we give hope to the youngest and create the essential conditions for a self-determined life. It is all about giving a real fair chance.

We are workers, employers, retirees, students, Buddhists, Christians, women and men of all ages. In short, people who, in addition to their everyday life, want to do something that has meaning for others.

And what is better than helping those who can not help themselves: disabled, poor and orphans. Vietnam is a developing country with great opportunities, a friendly population and a lot of poverty. That's why we want to set an example here and help with small contributions to change something big for children. Also we do help selected programs in Germany.

Our cooperation with the Buddhist pagoda Phat Hue in Frankfurt is the connection directly to Vietnam and provides us with rooms and (vegetarian) food for events.


Because we stand for transparency - our principles

Where do the donations go to? Which projects are specifically supported and what effect does my donation have? Who is responsible and how is Chance to Grow organized?

We believe that help can only be successful if everything is transparent and open. Therefore, we want to inform as accurately as possible about our structure and the people behind it as well as the way we work.

  1. All donations are paid into a German account.
  2. An annual report to donors and the tax office will disclose all expenses.
  3. We minimize the administration through the voluntary work of our supporters.
  4. We carefully check which projects are supported.
  5. We monitor and control every issue and check the effects.
  6. We cooperate with public authorities to ensure transparency.
  7. We welcome any request for Chance to Grow to show our work.

How we help

We cooperate with several partner organizations in Vietnam, e.g. a Christian organization led by a nun who gives us suggestions for concrete assistance, for example after natural disasters.

We examine the suggestions and decide on eligible projects. We personally monitor the payment as well as the implementation by local staff and monitor the results, for example, if a supported child goes to school.

All payouts are confirmed by at least two people. In addition, we report to the German tax office and our donors in detail about the use of funds. Our claim is to spend a maximum of 20% of the funds for the necessary administration.

It is not only about giving money - but chances in life

We accompany the supported children and see that we can help in the long term and sustainably. Money alone does not change anything - we support so much more that children can feel safe, have enough to eat and receive education, as well as surgeries and materials to lead the best possible, self-determined life. This is why these are the pillars of our work:

  • Cost control and no unnecessary expenses.
  • A maximum of 20% administrative costs for employees and processes.
  • With every booking double certainty: Everything is controlled and reported.
  • Please contact us at any time for questions.

Our board

Philipp Schwab

Business Development Manager

It is great to support someone really in need of help. It gives more than it takes.



Many children have the potential to form their life positively. But in hard situations they often can not do so. we give them a chance.

Bärbel Linne

Tax Consultant

Every child deserves a chance to live up to their needs, rights and desires! We help to make children's hearts happy.

our supervisory board

Johannes Pudelko

Supervisory board

Because I belive in the butterfly effect.

Dr.Dr. Victor Tiberius

Supervisory board
Business man, Lecturer

Because education is fundamental for a good life.

Our team

Thi Kim Ngan Nguyen

Assistant of the board

Raised in Vietnam I saw poor children never giving up. For them I work here.

Ursula Schmidt

Artist, Eventmanager

Happiness comes from the heart and compassion changes the world. It is not about what you have but what you give.

Si-Anh Nguyen


I want to give something back to my home country. This is why I personally supervise our expenses at place and make sure that help arrives..

Dr. Stefanie Becker


Doing good together!

Denis Dalic

Process manager
Bioinformatics (PHD)

Everything starts small.

Evelyn Ackermann

Public work
Director Marketing Europe

Helping together and ensuring that it really counts.

Jan-Hendrik Wieder


Because everyone should have a chance to realize what is inside.

Nga Thanh Tran

Campaign Management
Business Analyst

I want to connect people with a good heart in order to help the less lucky together.

Lai Do

Social Media Specialist

I want to make children smile. Every child shall have the same chance to find happiness.

Anna Dang

Translations and Projektwork

Wherever children are born, if rich or poor, they all should have a fair chance for their life.

Minh Nguyet Tran


My heart and head are in balance. I want to give something back to my homecountry. Therefore: "To give the one in need is not to donate but to sow."


We collect donations for poor, blind and orphaned children in Vietnam. It's about the welfare of the children.

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Caring and helping everyone - every help is precious and makes you happy

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