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We collect supporters and donations for major projects such as for the construction of a kindergarten, for food, for school uniforms and books, for wheelchairs and eye operations. The projects are as diverse as the emergency situations. Together with our partner organization, we help where help is needed most, even after disasters.

We are permanently on site and report on every action and the difference to the better that we could do. On special occasions, we invite interested parties and supporters to charity meals and organize events. Small contributions can change the life of a child together. Let's make the difference together.

We issue a donation receipt! Donations to a nonprofit organization can be claimed as special expenses up to a 20 percent share of your income.

Current projects

400 school packages

Donations word: 400 school packages

September is known as 'back to school' in Vietnam. Although the school is free, some families or children without parents can not afford simple things like pens and school satchels. That is the reason why we would like to bring children a great memory with full of joy instead of discrimination about the first day at school. With your help, Chance to Grow will donate 400 children's school packages. Six suitable schools are selected by our local partners and the packages are handed directly. This is how education is supported in the long term. Please help children now!


New clothes for the New Year

Donations word: Tet

Dank der unermüdlichen Bemühungen von der ehrewürdigen Nonne Phuoc Thien wurde das Waisenhaus Uu Dam gegründet und ist seit 15 Jahren ein Heim für Waisenkinder.

We want to help and donate new clothes for children to the traditional Tet celebration. With 15 Euro we can re-dress a child to the party. Video Donate

Recover one's sight

Donations word: eyesight

Many children can hardly perceive the world around them. Eye diseases due to malnutrition are widespread. An eye surgery costs only 50 Euro. So a child can see colors, read letters and look into the face of his friends - and finally perceive the world. Please help and give sight to a child.

Education gives opportunities

Donations word: Kindergarten

There is a lack of kindergarten places for children of poor families. So that they do not have to work at home, but can play with other children, get food and education as a chance to live, we collect for 120 new kindergarten places.

Aim: ca. 150.000,- Euro

Everyone should go to school

Donations word: School

The school in Vietnam is free. But who can not pay a uniform for 10 Euro, has it hard.
A meal for a child costs less than 3 Euro per day. If you can not afford it, go to bed hungry. We want to change that.

Food for children

Donations word: Food

Lucky rice - 12 meals for 2 children

Wheelchairs for children

Donations word: Wheelchair

Handicapped children and their parents are helped a lot by a wheelchair

Completed projects

20 wheelchairs for disabled children

Where: Tay Ninh
When: 2018
2.000,- Euro

Thanks to the work of many helpers and numerous donations, 20 children can travel independently in a hospital in the Tay Ninh province. The wheelchairs help with daily movements but also on the way to school. Chance to Grow e.V. worked with the Vietnamese Red Cross and SOS Children's Villages.

Flood relief

Where: Quang Tri, Quang Nam und Hue
When: 2014
1.500,- Euro

In October 2014, a storm devastated the provinces of Quang Tri, Quang Nam and Hue, leaving a trail of devastation. Quick Help from Chance to Grow helped a kindergarten to get rid of the worst damage and put it back into service.

Godchildren mediates

Where: Südvietnam
When: 2014
1.350,- Euro

In November 2014, we took a contribution of 1,100 euros through various actions, and also received 250 Euro from Deutsche Bank, as support for a social project. This meant that the upcoming school fees could be borne for several children. In addition, 3 children have found mentors for a year who financially support and support the child.


Where: Zentralvietnam
When: 2012
More then 500,- Euro

In December 2011, 80 poor children in central Vietnam got winter jackets and school supplies as a gift.
During Christmas 2011, CTG baked and sold cookies with the support of a group of students from a karate club in FFM.
The revenue CTG financed 80 winter jackets and school supplies (exercise book, pens, textbooks, etc.).

Wheelchair for disabled girl

Where: Hue
When: 2011
1.500,- Euro

Lao lives in Hue - a small town in central Vietnam and has participated in a tailor training program in a training center. She is disabled from birth because her father and mother were affected by Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.
An electronic wheelchair will make your way to school and work much easier. In October 2011, CTG collected a sum of 1,500 Euro for them. An electronic wheelchair was purchased on site and handed over to her.

Children donate to children

Where: Nordvietnam
When: 2011
384,- Euro

A 7th grade Waldorf School in Dietzenbach supports the orphanage "Uu Dam" for a period of 3 years.
Each individual pupil of the 7th grade of the Waldorf School donates 1 Euro per month of pocket money, so that in the first year alone a total of 384 Euro comes together. This supports the needy orphans.


We collect donations for poor, blind and orphan children in Vietnam. It's about the welfare of the children.

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