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Bright future through sponsorships.

Education for orphans and children in need.


In the project, we work together with the Youth Union and the Department of Education in Gia Lai Province to give children from poor families or without parents the chance to go to school for longer.

This project is currently paused. We are working with our partner to continue the partnership!

Equal opportunities for all.


Vietnam has mandatory schooling by law. Nevertheless, many children cannot go to school because families are unable to afford the school uniforms, the child has to go to work at an early age, school routes are too dangerous and too far away, or there is a lack of money for school materials.

Some of the children from Gia Lai who participate in our program are orphans or come from needy families. Despite their great school performance so far, the parents had to take the children out of school because the children have to contribute to the family's livelihood.

Teachers and social workers help us to find children who are in urgent need of help. These are then financially supported until the age of 18.

The monthly donation amounts to a total of 15 €, whereby 13 € go directly to the children for their school education and 2 € are used for administrative expenses, e.g. the visit of CHANCE TO GROW members, who check the correct use of funds and the well-being of the children.

It is also possible to pay less and share a sponsorship!

Our approach.




CHANCE TO GROW has been supporting more than 20 children from the Gia Lai province for several years, so that they can go longer than just to the compulsory elementary school.

By sponsoring a child, not only the child receives support, but also the whole family. In addition, you can keep personal contact with your sponsored child via electronic or postal mail.

Strong together. Projects that change.

Here you can find an overview of our completed projects as well as our partners with whom we work or have worked hand in hand.

I would like to become a sponsor.

Support sponsored children already with small, monthly contributions.

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