How to help

That's how you can help

Time donation

Every help arrives and puts children in need in a better situation. If you are interested in helping, you can do it in three different ways:

You can help directly in your free time. No matter what your strengths and interests are - here you can get involved. Be it marketing, fundraising, design, accounting or creative contributions and actions: you are welcome. Write to us at and tell us where you would like to help. Together we will find the right one for you.

Alternatively, you can help by simply alerting others: neighbors, friends, family, classmates, or anyone else you think might help them or children.

And of course any donation will help. This is easy and fast and the way you want it. Every Euro helps.



Starting at 50 Euro, a child can be operated on and thus see colors, read letters and look into the face of his friends. Please help and give sight to a child. With your donations, we also finance wheelchairs for disabled children, buy school uniforms, support kindergartens and education - and thus provide a real opportunity in life.

Give hope and show that you are not alone.

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You can also donate directly via Donorbox here: Donate Now

Lucky rice

We offer our selected products because they are beautiful, useful and helpful at the same time. Every purchase is both a statement and a donation: you do something good and make the difference. Tell it to friends too. Or give something with meaning. Even small attentions help the children. Many Thanks.

This is 250g of Buddhist nuns and monks blessed rice in cotton bag.
The special feature: Two children eat from each sale for two days. The proceeds support children in need, who now sit at the table and create happiness together. Together we say thank you.
A 'rice subscription' is possible. Also suitable as a gift.

Order here

All products support children's aid projects and are put together through voluntary work. Also suitable as a gift or as a subscription for consumer products.
Have you decided to support Chance to Grow and Children in Need? Simply click on the respective order link, enter the required data and the product will be delivered to the desired address. Of course, we deal responsibly with your data.