Doing good and speak about it: Chance to Grow with new online-channels

Doing good and speak about it: Chance to Grow with new online-channels

What is more satisfying than doing good for children in need? Even if they never see or know who helped them individually, it gives a deep satisfaction for donators and helpers to see the smile on a photo or video in the knowing that the children’s lives will be a little better than it was before.

This work is what motivates the voluntary helpers at Chance to Grow. The challenge however is, to be heard loud enough in an ever noisy social media competition for attention and find support for the next Charity program. To help us improving our situation, we asked MTP Frankfurt am Main, Germany, for help. And they said yes.

MTP is a Germany-based student-organization and agreed to help Chance to Grow in a pro-bono program to develop an online social-media strategy and improve the visibility. After several months of cooperation between Chance to Grow and MTP, our charity has now several new social media channels and a crowd-funding account.

The MTP team dedicated more than 100 working hours into market research, strategy building, social media engineering and more to help Chance to Grow in order to support children in need in Vietnam. Thanks to Victor de la Fuente Gonzalez, Jamila Everett, Anran Zhong, Yoanna Ivanova, Viktoria Dimentieva and Lukas Böttcher a lot of individual steps were done that enable CtG to become more effective and get better heard with what we do.


We thank you guys a lot for your great and remarkable help. It was awesome to cooperate with you and from the start your enthusiasm and identification with the Charity Work was great to see. We hope to follow up with new campaigns and information to donators about what’s going on in Chance to Grow and where help is needed. Thanks a lot also to all Chance to Grow Charity members who helped during the process with communication, strategies and meetings.

If anyone knows, who can help us to build and maintain a wordpress-website – please contact us.