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Doing good and speak about it: Chance to Grow with new online-channels

What is more satisfying than doing good for children in need? Even if they never see or know who helped them individually, it gives a deep satisfaction for donators and helpers to see the smile on a photo or video in the knowing that the children’s lives will be a little better than it was before.
This work is what motivates the voluntary helpers at Chance to Grow. The challenge however is, to be heard loud enough in an ever noisy social media competition for attention and find support for the next Charity program. To help us improving our situation, we asked MTP Frankfurt am Main, Germany, for help. And they said yes....

Love goes through the stomach: food donation for children in Griesheim.

Chance to Grow e.V. has collected funds for children in need, especially in Vietnam, in numerous campaigns over the past year. But in Germany there are children with a great need for help. The Ark in Frankfurt in Frankfurt takes care of many children with warm food, educational offers and development rooms. In a first-time cooperation, Chance to Grow e.V. donated 500 Euro to the Ark on Friday, 18.01.2019, which will be used for warm lunches. Daniel Schröder von der Arche accepted the check with children. Laughing, playing, learning children, who can be themselves in protected areas and are supported in development, that's what both clubs want.

Dez. 08, 2018


14:00-18:00 Uhr Hanauer Landstr. 443

Under the motto "Every child a happy holiday", we sell homemade biscuits and goodies in favor of poor children in Germany and Vietnam. For children there will be a Santa Claus present and for the older ones there will be (non-alcoholic) mulled wine and more.

Sep. 23, 2018

Thank Eating

13:00-15:00 Uhr Hanauer Landstr. 443

In the thank-you meal, our lucky rice, monk-blessed rice, was sold. About 1400 Euro came together. Wheelchairs are purchased for handicapped children. In addition, the food was well received and made many encounters possible.

Frankfurter Neue Presse

Jun. 24, 2018

Donation food

12:00-15:00 Uhr Hanauer Landstr. 443

At a charity dinner prepared by Phat Hue pagodas and distributed free of charge, Chance to Grow was able to introduce themselves to visitors and solicit donations. That's how 1160 Euro came together for our kindergarten aid project in Vietnam! Thanks alot!


We collect donations for poor, blind and orphan children in Vietnam. It's about the welfare of the children.

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