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We collect donations for poor, blind and orphan children in Vietnam. It's about the welfare of the children.

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Our purpose

Children need food, medical help and access to education

Why Chance To Grow? Why be here?

We help where others are not. Little is reported about the plight of Vietnamese orphanages and the aftermath of a childhood without parents or living with disabilities in poor regions. Here we help - and your help moves something good.

The money arrives quickly, easily and directly to those who need help urgently. Orphans, blind and disabled children are given food, clothing and operations as well as help in disasters.

We ensure transparency: We disclose how we use your donations and what we can do with them. Therefore, we are always available for questions and nothing remains anonymous. Get to know us personally. And tell others - personal recommendations really help.

Why Vietnam?

Germany has a long and positive connection to Vietnam - the largest Asian community in Germany comes from Vietnam and many family ties bring both nations together. In particular, the German peacekeeping operation against the Vietnam War and the aid for victims of the chemical firebombing attacks, which still affect children in third generations through malformations, was an international beacon and will never be forgotten in Vietnam.

Although the country is developing well today, inequality is growing:

  • 11% of the population live below the already low poverty line.
  • Especially children are affected: 1/3 of all children under 16 are considered poor.
  • 13% of all school-age children do not attend school - e.g. because the school uniform (6 €) is too expensive.
  • 22 out of 1000 children die before their 5th birthday.
  • 16% of children are affected by child labor, mostly in agriculture.
  • In addition, many children are victims of child trafficking, such as when parents move to work in cities.

We are building on the close connection between our countries and, because we can, we want to help the children - effectively and quickly. Even small contributions change the life of a child forever.

Our last events


14:00-18:00 Uhr Hanauer Landstr. 443

Under the motto "Every child a happy holiday", we sell homemade biscuits and goodies in favor of poor children in Germany and Vietnam. For children there will be a Santa Claus present and for the older ones there will be (non-alcoholic) mulled wine and more.

Thank eating

13:00-15:00 Uhr Hanauer Landstr. 443

In the thank-you meal, our lucky rice, monk-blessed rice, was sold. About 1400 euros came together. Wheelchairs are purchased for handicapped children. In addition, the food was well received and made many encounters possible.

Donation food

12:00-15:00 Uhr Hanauer Landstr. 443

At a charity dinner prepared by Phat Hue pagodas and distributed free of charge, Chance to Grow was able to introduce themselves to visitors and solicit donations. That's how 1160 Euros came together for our kindergarten aid project in Vietnam! Thanks alot!

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