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It is our donors who give us a foundation for our volunteer work and multipliers who help us generate awareness for children in Vietnam. Together with our volunteers, we make an incredible difference.

CHANCE TO GROW relies 100% on donations. Since we have no other income or funding, your support means a lot to us - we can't do without it. We are happy if you support us financially. But we also appreciate your time and your (professional) expertise. Get involved in the way that suits you best.

Support children with your donation.

  • Help us with permanent donations so that we can plan for the long term as well as for cases where acute help is needed (surgeries, natural disasters, etc.)

  • Permanent commitment is not your cup of tea? Single donations are also high on our list. Choose the help you feel comfortable with

  • Receive information about where, how and with which result we help

  • Decide, also in the case of an individual donation, in which project your donation should be used.

  • You will receive a donation receipt, which allows you to deduct your donation from your taxes

As a multiplier, you help us by sharing news, telling friends and acquaintances about us and exchanging ideas with us personally. Attention means that we collect more supporters for a good cause. Thereby it depends on your personal network!

  • Share our news - verbally, in writing, musically. We are not picky.

  • Give us comments and ideas or hints. Bring a breath of fresh air.

  • Take part in live calls to which we invite supporters. Finally, get rid of all your questions.

  • Become part of our international community and do good for children in Vietnam.

Are you worried because social media is a sealed book for you? We are not only open-minded, but see a problem as an opportunity to grow. Get in touch with us. If you want to be one of our multipliers, we will make it possible.

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Giving a voice to others as a multiplier.

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