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Your reach for a good cause.

As an Influencer:in, you have something we dream of: an audience that believes in a common cause with you. Do you believe in the good in the world? So do we. We're thrilled when you share our news and inspire others to join the conversation. That's not enough for you? Get active and support children in Vietnam by introducing our projects to your followers. Like all of us, we are a work in progress, so new ideas are always welcome and appreciated.

How you can help.

  • Present individual projects or individuals on your social media channels.
  • Contribute with your reach to give young people in Vietnam a chance for change.
  • Regularly share our updates with your community and encourage your followers to get involved.

  • Get involved in a respectful community while getting to know the organization of an NGO.

Consolidate intercultural competence in your organization. Working with CHANCE TO GROW broadens horizons.


Vietnam has not been on your radar until now and NGOs don't mean much to you either? We would like to introduce you to our world. If you show us yours.

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