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About Us

CHANCE TO GROW e.V. is a dedicated charity working to improve the lives of children in Vietnam. Learn more about our history, vision and mission as we work together to create hope and opportunity for children.


History and purpose

Founded in Frankfurt in 2009, we enable a better life for children in Vietnam. We strengthen the foundation of children in need. Just as a young tree needs strong roots to grow and develop its potential, children need access to clean water, sufficient food, education and love, as well as mental and emotional support and the opportunity to develop and educate themselves.

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We are enablers.

We help through projects that have direct and local long-term impact. Therefore we involve the local communities to increase the awareness of responsibility and work together with local partners. This makes CHANCE TO GROW a network that implements various projects and helps solve social problems by generating attention and donations.
Focused. Transparent. Sustainable.

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CHANCE TO GROW is a charity that is 100% transparent. We report to the German tax office and inform our donors through annual and interim reports. We are a community of volunteers working exclusively on a voluntary basis. In our work, we are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and partnerships and collaborations with other NGOs.


A bridge to Vietnam.

We act as a bridge between our helpers and our donors and the children we support. Volunteers can come into direct contact with Vietnam and do good in the process. Donors can see and check at any time that their help is really reaching its destination. Because that is our primary goal: to provide sustainable help for children who really need it.


How we work.

We look at where help is needed most. We then plan and design projects and implement them together with partners in Vietnam or support existing projects. To do this, we gather information, often verify it through on-site visits, and talk to our community. Only when we have selected the partners and finalized the project design do we solicit attention and donations.


Our mission.

What we aim for.

We create sustainable living conditions for disadvantaged children in Vietnam so that they have better opportunities in life and can realize their individual potential.

With sustainable, profound projects and members who enjoy realizing our work together with donors and supporters.

A world where every child has a chance.

We believe that equal opportunities, consideration of individual circumstances and needs, and genuine commitment that comes from the heart are important for this. Only when external minimum needs are met can there be room for inner happiness for many people: Our vision is that all children in Vietnam grow up to be healthy and happy people who can make their own decisions to realize their potential in life.


Unsere Vision.

Current projects

Learn more about our current projects in which we help disadvantaged children and give them a better future. Be inspired and see for yourself how we do good together.

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