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Current Projects

Discover our ongoing projects: Microcredits, orphan sponsorships and water pipes for schools in the mountains. Together we are creating positive change for children in Vietnam.

Our approach for a better future.

Our goal is to always help where help for children opens up opportunities and is urgently needed. We think long-term, in cooperation with the local community and family, in order to be able to really respond to the respective life situations.

Điện Biên, Vietnam

Clean water for children.

We are funding the construction of water pipes to provide an elementary school with access to clean water.

Sauberes Wasser für Kinder

Hậu Giang, Vietnam

Microcredit for poor families.

Low-income families receive microcredits, health insurance and training from us.


Gia Lai, Vietnam

Sponsorships for orphans.

Thanks to your sponsorship, children of poor families and orphans have a chance for education.


Previous projects

In addition to our current projects, we have successfully completed a variety of other projects since our founding, whether it be helping Agent Orange victims through wheelchair deliveries, building flood-resistant homes in Quang Nam, or mourning orphans who lost their parents to the COVID-19 pandemic. See for yourself.

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