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Making a difference as a company.

As a company, you can jointly support projects in which every step is transparently communicated to you. You can see that your donations are being received and that you are giving the children a chance to grow. Decide not only how much you donate, but also when and for which project. Along the way, you create employee cohesion in your company that encompasses every department.

Your benefits.

Further opportunities.

  • Collect at Christmas so that even more people can enjoy a joyful holiday.

  • Enable us to plan for the long term with a monthly permanent donation.

  • Decide, even with a single donation, which project you will sponsor.

Consolidate intercultural competence in your company. Cooperation with CHANCE TO GROW broadens horizons.


We do what we can to change the world. Change with us. Your company and the lives of children in Vietnam.

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