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Small capital, big impact: microcredits for families in the Mekong Delta

Promote. Empower. Change.


In the microcredit project, we work with our partner BONG SEN to give mothers in poverty the chance to stand on their own two feet financially.

Learn more about our partner BONG SEN on their website.

Numbers and facts.


The goal of the microcredit program is to help women lead self-determined lives and thus give future generations the opportunity to attend school.



In addition to providing loans, our program also includes training in agricultural culture and finance to give the women the knowledge and skills they need to optimize their agricultural activities and increase their incomes. By helping them to develop economically, we help to ensure that their children have a better future and can go to school.


The microcredit program is very successful, as we were able to verify for ourselves during on-site visits in 2020 and 2022. Numerous stories of families who are doing better, backed up by statistics and information, prove this. We are immensely proud of the project and appreciate your interest and donation.


Strong together. Projects that change.

Here you can find an overview of our completed projects as well as our partners with whom we work or have worked hand in hand.

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