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Construction of flood-resistant houses in Quang Nam province.

Safety. Strength. Hope.


In this project, we worked to build or optimize houses that can withstand natural disasters and climate change.


Our goal was to provide the people of Vietnam with safety and protection from the devastating effects of natural disasters. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to a safe home that is strong enough to withstand the harshest conditions. Our mission was to build flood-resistant homes in partnership with the Song Foundation, providing a safe haven for the people of Quang Nam Province.

Working closely with the Song Foundation, we used innovative construction techniques and materials to construct homes that could withstand extreme weather conditions. By using robust and flood-resistant materials, we created a solid foundation for the communities in Quang Nam. We also considered environmental sustainability to ensure long-term resilience to climate change.



Thanks to the commitment of our donors and volunteers, we have already been able to build numerous flood-resistant houses in Quang Nam province. These houses not only provide protection from flooding, but also a stable and safe environment for the residents. We have helped families rebuild their homes and live a life away from fear and insecurity.

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