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Forest Symphony: Sound revival of nature in Ninh Thuan.

New trees, new life, new optimism.


The Forest Symphony project focused on the Ninh Thuan region, where we increased forest density by planting new trees.


Our goal was to protect and preserve the natural resources and ecosystem in the rocky mountains of the region. We strongly believe that forests play a crucial role in protecting watersheds, thus ensuring vital freshwater supplies for the people of Ninh Thuan. Our mission was to plant diverse tree species on the rocky mountains to maximize the functions of the forests to support both daily life and sustainable socio-economic development in the region.

In cooperation with the Song Foundation, we actively promoted reforestation. Through targeted replanting of various tree species on the rocky mountains, we strengthened the natural protective function of the forests for the watersheds. These measures helped to conserve water resources, reduce soil erosion and restore biodiversity.



Through our donations and financial support, the Song Foundation has already been able to plant over 1160 trees, making a significant contribution to strengthening the ecosystem in the region. The newly planted trees help to protect the watersheds and thus ensure a sustainable freshwater supply for the communities in Ninh Thuan. In addition, we promote awareness and environmental understanding in the region to achieve positive change in the long term.

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