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Training on loss and grief for social workers.

Strong together: Grief recovery for children in Vietnam.




In Vietnam, the knowledge and broad social acceptance of social workers is not yet very high. As a result, the mental and emotional needs of children in particular are sometimes not yet seen and properly supported. Social work itself is also still in its infancy as a training profession.

Chance to Grow applied for a program of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and created a project together with them, in which we transfer expertise from Germany to Vietnam.

During several months of online training, several dozen social workers were identified by the partner Social Life Research Institute in Saigon, an experienced organization, and included in the training.




Expert Nguyen-Meyer has supported the program led by CHANCE TO GROW and conducted the online trainings for the social workers:in.

The program itself is worth 44,000 euros, which financed experts, administration, training materials and a website. Now, in the future, social workers and caretakers throughout Vietnam will be able to access the collected and translated knowledge free of charge in order to support maximum success and outcome in terms of improved acceptance and, above all, know-how around this important issue.

In addition, a website has been created that includes all learning materials as well as videos of the social worker training. Through this link you can find more information (only available in Vietnamese).

With recommendation for the future.

An incredibly successful project. The GIZ thinks so too!

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