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Clean water for
Sinh Phinh's school.

A smile for every child in Vietnam.

We are a non-profit charity organization and as international helpers and volunteers we dedicate our activities to the most basic needs of children and focus on sustainable development.


Our actions are based on the intrinsic motivation of each individual, kindness and compassion. We rely on long-term partnerships and cooperation. This has already changed the lives of many children forever and will continue to do so!

Where we start.

The statistic above is incredibly concerning and that's exactly why we want to make a change. We are focusing on the root of the problems and helping children early in life: Orphans, children with disabilities, or children who are excluded from opportunities because they come from financially disadvantaged families.


We share and gratefully pass on what we have. For a better world and a future together.

Fundamentals. Enhancement. Sustainability.

The three areas we tie into.




"Chances in Life"

  • sufficient nutrition


  • access to clean water

  • a safe home

  • healthcare

  • a primary education




"Opportunities and Stability"

  • Higher education

  • mental and emotional support


  • Vocational training


  • General access to individual opportunities

Hochwasser in Siedlungen



"Immediate and Special Help"

  • Special assistance for children


  • strategic projects

  • networking

Shocking numbers.
That's why we're helping.

[1]   GSO, Unicef, Children in Vietnam, 2022,

[2]  J. Yang et al., Vietnam Poverty and Equity Assessment, World Bank, 2022, 4.


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Donate where it is urgent.

Giving children a smile.

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